Ivy Garden Services


IVY GARDEN SERVICES have been servicing residential, commercial and industrial properties for the past 14 years. The business has grown
during this time and so did the teams. IVY GARDEN SERVICES runs on 3 teams and each is management supervised. We also provide garden
service for property managers and estate agents.

Areas serviced include the following:

Welbedacht, Narnia, Eastford Downs, Eastford Cove, Green Pastures, Simola, Paradise, Knysna Heights, Central Town, Thesen Island, Upper
and Lower Old Place, Industrial area, Fisherhaven, Rexford, Simola, Hunters Home, Leisure Island, Heads and Sparrebosch.

Services that we offer include the following:

Mowing of lawns

Edging of lawns

Maintenance of flowerbeds and shrubs

Chemical spraying of driveways for weeds

Chemical spraying of grass for weeds

Garden refuse removal

Tree felling

Cutting of hedges


Revamping of existing gardens

Topdressing and compost

Planting of grass and plants

Irrigation systems

Clean-up of overgrown gardens

Plot clearing

Tree Popping